Useful Information

We can take a maximum of 41 children per session and we maintain a ratio of one member of staff to every six children. The legal requirement is to have one member of staff for every eight children between the age of 3-5 years, however we pride ourselves on being able to offer the children in our care an excellent ratio of 1:6. For our 2-3 year olds we maintain a ratio of 1:4.

All members of staff regularly update their training to cover all aspects of preschool care with various courses, seminars and workshops.


We operate a keyworker scheme where every child has a designated member of staff who is responsible for individual assessments and the upkeep of the child's Development Journal All staff work together in assisting a child's learning and development through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We will meet with you regularly to discuss your child's development and to look through their journal bou are welcome to see your child's records at any time.

Signing In

When you arrive, your child must be signed in at the desk and then they will find their self registration card. This must be done at the beginning of every session so that responsibility for your child is passed from you to us. If anyone other than yourself is collecting your child at the end of a session, please let us know who this will be. We will not allow your child to leave our care unless we have been notified. If you fail to pick up your child, without prior notification, we will implement our 'Uncollected Child' policy.